Anonymous: Are you serious?! You've ACTUALLY shot a load in your face?

It was a joke XD you people seriously believe this ;-;.. Wow

Anonymous: hi xD what did you do on the weekend?:P

Smoked so much weed I puked.

Anonymous: how can a girl/guy tell if you like them???

Uh… It’s weird I act like a dick but I’m also really sweet too I’m like a merry to round of emotions.. But like if I’m skyping them I’m smiling non stop ;-;.. Idek

Anonymous: I miss you....

Talk to me then

Anonymous: if you're 17, why does the date on your FB page put you at 19?

Because you touch yourself at night.

Anonymous: How can you accidentally have any of your cum?!

I shoot a lot and far..

Anonymous: What you doing at college?

IT and computing.

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Rebloggg:3?? Pleaseeeeee

Anonymous: how far have you gone sexually with a boy and with a girl?

That’s for me to know and for you to

Never find out

Anonymous: ever tasted your own cum?

Yup. Accidentally

Anonymous: are you still at school or if not what do you do?

I’m in my second year of college

Anonymous: okay:/ so if you liked somebody would you always start the conversation? Even if she hadn't bothered to?

If she just isn’t showing interest it maybe she’s playing hard to get or ….she’s just not that into you…

Sorry I had too ;-; but keep trying bi show her you care.

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Anonymous: I like this girl and she came over last week but she hasn't' spoken to me since, should I be the guy and speak to her first or should i wait for her to message me first? what would you do?:/

Message her.. Show her you miss her and are thinking of her.

Don’t be too clingy or throwing your self at her just be laid back relax and just to her, understand what she says if you guys have a conversation a girl likes a guy who gets her and listens.

Anonymous: do you like anyone at the moment?

I might do.